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PO Box 41141 Norfolk Va 23541

Food Distribution Every 4th Sunday at

First Calvary Baptist Church

813 Henry Street Norfolk VA  23504

Food Distribution Program

The Village Family Food Pantry will provide food to those experiencing financial hardship and food insecurities. Village family is now located at First Calvary Baptist Church 813 Henry St. Norfolk, Va 23504. Free groceries & clothes every 4th Sunday at 3 pm-5 pm. 

Program integrates food into health care settings to promote disease prevention and management.  Having access to healthy food throughout your life makes all the difference. With enough healthy food, pregnant women have fewer birth complications, school-age children have better focus in school, working-age adults are absent from work less often, and seniors lessen their risk for negative health conditions.


By contrast, people who experience food insecurity have a higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. By integrating food directly into healthcare settings, and working with our partners, we’re able to promote disease prevention, aid disease management, and bring good, healthy meals to families and seniors.

Senior Food Distribution Program

The program ensures that seniors, who are some of the most vulnerable to hunger, get the basic nutrition necessary for good health.  Seniors can either come to our warehouse to get the shelf stable commodity food items or we offer to deliver food directly to homebound seniors. 

Clothes Distribution Program

The Village Family Closet will provide clothing to children, individuals and families in underserved communities seeking assistance. Currently seeking community partners for NEW coats, clothes, shoes and baby items. 

Hygiene Care & Cold/Flu Kit Programs

Good hygiene is critical in this time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, especially in vulnerable communities.  In the face of natural disasters, violence, or grinding poverty, hygiene kits can mean the difference between sickness and health for struggling families. Our bulk hygiene kits provide basic personal care necessities for those in need. We offer diverse kit options that feature items for kids, teens, and adults. We also have separate packs to meet men’s and women’s unique needs. 

The demand for these essential items continue to outweigh our limited resources.  Help us continue to provide a first line of defense against the spread of illness and provide normalcy.

Village Family Food Pantry also provides Cold/Flu weather protection kits that provide  items for homeless individuals  and underserved communities. These kits will help those  who don’t have immediate access to medical care to treat their symptoms and need items to protect against the weather. 

Safe Sex Program 

The Safe Sex community outreach program provides free safer sex products (i.e., male condoms, female condoms, and water-based lubricants) to individuals in need. This Condom distribution program is a much needed  structural intervention that provides communities with resources needed to help prevent the spread of HIV, sexual transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy.

Community Partners Outreach Referral Program

We know it takes more than a meal to solve hunger. That’s why, in addition to distributing food, we’re also working with multiple partners to address the root causes of food insecurity. With our partners, we’re creating places where people can come for food and find additional services that can transform their lives.

 Baby Essentials Program


No matter how old they are they will always be our babies and our babies need more than just food.  Let’s show them how much we care by providing  the essentials they need when they come to us for assistance. Food pantries like Village Family stay busy even in the best of economic times; the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a spike in demand for pampers, wipes,  baby food, formula, adult diapers, nutritional supplemental protein drinks and feminine hygiene products . These necessities get to be an expensive unavoidable monthly cost for many families, making them extremely valued donations. No one, especially school-aged girls should ever have to worry about access to feminine hygiene products. These items are in constant demand and rarely donated. Your donation will make a huge difference to residents and parents that have suffered huge financial blows. 

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