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Quality of Life & Violence Prevention Community Outreach Initiatives

New Distribution Center 

Capital Campaign


 $upport Capital Campaign - FOR NEW BUILDING; Distribution Campus

If you’ve visited, you’ve noticed that we have grown. The demand for our quality services continue to increase. We have maxed out the distribution capacity of our space. A new distribution site is needed in order to continue to fulfil our mission. 

A Larger distribution site will help us accomplish vital goals: 

  • Increase distribution capacity

  • Expand our ability to stock and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables and nutritious frozen meat

  • More efficient and comfortable volunteer workspace

         $upport Capital Campaign - FOR NEW BUILDING 


Please Contact to  Donate/Sponsor Hot Meals/ Grab N Go Catered Meals ....Prepared Meals / Food Truck Catered Meals for the 4th Sunday “Community Family Reunion”  

at 757-656-9577 or

Senior Mobile Pantry


Community Family Reunion


Presented By Village Family and Community Partners 

Every 4th Sunday 

3PM - 5PM 

Spreading Love with Meals, Clothes, essentials, and a whole lot more.



The Community Garden 


The Community Garden program is an outreach initiative that works to get backyard gardeners involved in donating freshly grown produce directly to their local communities. We develop, plan and initiate activities and programs to encourage local gardeners to participate in the Community garden program as it has participants only commit a single row or donate a container plant. This will bring in in fresh produce such as tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, kale, onions, beets, and other produce that was distributed directly to children, individuals and families in underserved communities through our Village Family food distribution program and community partners.


No one should have to go hungry, especially our seniors. Join us in making a difference in the lives of seniors in our community. Our pantry provides more than just food - we offer clothing, personal hygiene items, and educational resources to those in need. Donate today and help us continue our mission. 


Bike Repair Heroes:
Join us in Repairing Bikes
for Those in Need

VF Square Sponsorship QRcode.png
Safe Active Fed Educated Bike Donations

Gift a Bike, Bring Joy to Families  in Need


We are  currently accepting donations of new and/ or like new bikes to  refurbish and re-donate to individuals in need. These bikes provide working transportation for people to work, attend school or job training, and access essential services. We also accept and refurbish  bikes to  bring joy and gifts to the children during  the holidays.

If you would like to be a part of this momentous campaign, please contact Natisha Wilson at 757-656-9577 or  

children logo .jpg


This is designed for children in areas that are at risk for hunger over the summer months. Typically these are children who receive free or reduce priced school meals during the school year but are left without this reliable food source during the summer months.


Kids go to school on the first day of school with no supplies at all. It’s hard for kids if their parents can’t afford the needed supplies. Back-to-school shopping can take a bite out of any family’s budget, but for many children there is no money for food or supplies – not even paper and pencils. That’s where the Village Family Food and Community Partners come in to help.



Village Family provides free clothes, shoes, winter jackets, school supplies, personal hygiene items and more every month throughout the year. We often assist children, the elderly, babies, single moms and the working poor. Examples of what may be distributed include high quality clothing, accessories, shoes, work attire, winter attire, boots, personal supplies, and even books.

" Continuing What Our Ancestors Started"

vf clothes pantry.JPG
vf jb food pantry.JPG


Village Family relies heavily on donations and contributions from the community. Due to Pandemic and for safety reasons Village Family is only accepting new items. Donations are needed and can make a big difference in the lives of seniors, children and adults.

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